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Park Grocery Deli & Bar, Guelph's newest restaurant creation is a neighbourhood  deli, bar and small grocery offering piri piri roasted chicken, smoked meat sandwiches, salads and soups all made from scratch, the way they used to be.

The bar offers a quaint but beautiful selection of local beers, ciders and wines and is home to a barista driven cafe program showcasing organic fair-trade coffee & teas alongside artisan sodas and milkshakes.

With an eye to a sustainable future, Park Grocery will be Carbon Neutral through the purchase of carbon offsets. In addition, Park Grocery will support a Living Wage and offer Health Benefits to all full-time employees.

When you consider that this very location has been serving authentic, great tasting meals since 1890, it’s no surprise that this newest iteration of the past is so forward thinking.


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