Posted 15 days ago
Happy National Love Your Pet Day! 🐶😺Burgers aren’t the only things in our takeout bags today! Today, we celebrate all the furry friends that patiently and faithfully wait for us at home as we’re cooking and serving food! Enjoy these photos in the following order of our teams pets: 🐈Famous Larp @larpstagram showcasing the reusable nature of the Park Grocery bag. Larp’s owner Steve says Larp likes to scratch furniture, act as an alarm clock, collect boxes to sit in and bite fingers. 🐱 🐕Megs lovely dog Daisy. She is an adorable 4.5 month old Cockapoo. 🐶Anna’s pup Bryta. Bryta is 11 and a Miniature Pinscher. She enjoys barking at anything that walks by the window. 🐾 🦮Rennick’s Chiuaua/pug mix Zues!! How cute. 🥰 Thank you to all our pets for being there for us over the last year! #nationalloveyourpetday #petstagram #neighbourhoodgood #guelph
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